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 A smile adds warmth to your hello. It strengthens your handshakes and touches the heart. In most cases it bring out your teeth. Not all teeth are white but a healthy smile is more than just the color of the teeth. The toothbrush and the dental floss can help with part of the oral hygiene. Here is a little more you can do to ensure that beautiful pink lip shuts a healthy mouth. Choose what you chew There are foods which help reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Fruits such as peers, apples and carrots are good examples. That healthy habit Yes! Drinking water is good for your mouth. Like the fruits mentioned above, water increase saliva which cleans the teeth.  Take care of the tongue Consistently scrape the tongue to deal with bad breath, reduce bacteria and improve sense of taste. If you do it properly as an extra step beyond the routine brushing it will improve your oral hygiene. Just don't cut yourself.

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